This is a super simple introduction to figure proportions that I did with my Drawing class before this project. I like it because it’s attainable and beneficial for all ability levels.

First, as a class we went over figure proportions. I had them pair up and measure each others height verses wingspan, foot to forearm, and height in heads.

Then we drew an 8 head figure together (me on the board, them in their sketchbooks). I had them draw a 1 inch head on another piece of paper, cut it out, and trace it eight times to create their starting point. They labeled each head 1-8 and then we started putting in shoulders, arms, legs and talked about waist, elbows, hand positions, etc.

THEN the kids paired up and got a wooden figure to draw from. They drew the figure three times with white charcoal (some drew in pencil first). The center figure was supposed to be standing straight and the other two could be arranged however they wanted. I had to remind them to use their knowledge of proportions but to also look at the figure and draw what they were really seeing- proportion rules are just loose guidelines. 

Once they were done with the figures, they used chalk pastels to outline them in different colors and then pulled the chalk out using a paper towel.

This is a really straightforward project but it’s fast and informative. The kids love playing with chalk and it lays the groundwork for more creative future projects using the knowledge of proportions.

BONUS the drawings end up looking like people at a crazy disco. 

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    Looks like a great intro level high school-late middle school project!
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