I am so far behind documenting my end of the year projects. I’ll try to catch up over the next week. My ceramics class made these crazy coil vases and I love the way they turned out! It was my first time trying this project and I’ll definitely do it again. 

I started by having them make some test coil pots- just totally basic. One new thing I did was have them keep wet paper towels at their spot. I find the most frustrating thing for students is that the coils dry out as they roll them. I had them use the paper towels to keep their hands damp (not wet or everything gets slimy). Also, emphasized blending against the line of the coil until it disappears on the inside every single time they add a coil. 

After the test coils were done (which were beautiful on their own) I showed them a bunch of examples of these pots and did a quick demo.

Then students got a bowl and wrapped a plastic bag around it (the clay will stick to the bowl later if you skip that part) and started filling it with different shapes and coils of clay. 

The rule was no two rows of the same design (which I bent if the design was really interesting) and it had to be three inches above the top of the bowl.

The students glazed the red clay with an opalescent glaze which I love. They don’t love it so much because it doesn’t fully cover the clay. They also had the option to use a wax resist to add a bit more design.

This project is definitely a keeper, I love the process and the results!

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    Beautiful! So jealous of all you teachers who have the equipment for ceramics. Storing these lesson ideas for someday…
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